Harry Potter and the Rain City exhibit in Lam library

Harry Potter and the Rain City exhibit in Lam library

Come check out the Harry Potter exhibit at UBC Library, curated by Rare Books and Special Collections!  Learn about the impact of the series, visit the exhibition, attend the colloquium, or have some fun at our Hallowe’en party! http://ow.ly/T2Xe8

Why is there a Harry Potter exhibit in the business library?
Harry Potter is a global brand, but one that has also meant big business for small and medium-sized companies here in Vancouver. The Vancouver business community enjoys a number of profound and surprising connections to the beloved book series—connections with lasting impacts.  Kidsbooks in Vancouver was the first Canadian bookstore to carry Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and the publication and distribution of 11 million plus Canadian editions across the country was coordinated by local Raincoast Books.

The book series has had significant impact on several industries, contributing to profits and growth, as well as inspiring products and innovation. The series has been studied in business schools and business literature for its themes of leadership, diversity and team building.

The industries affected positively by the Harry Potter series include:
Publishing and related industries
Movies and entertainment
Amusement parks
Candy manufacturing
Toy and game manufacturing

Harry Potter continues to have an impact on education and literacy. It also contributes to a culture of reader and fan engagement.

This exhibit contains first edition Harry Potter books, signed editions, and materials from local businesses like KidsBooks, Raincoast Books, Friesens, Moving Picture Company (MPC) and Just Imagine, as well as stories from businesses like Gener8 and Electronic Arts.

Explore the exhibit to learn more about successful event marketing, grassroots marketing, the impact of acquiring Canadian distribution rights for the book series, who acquired worldwide rights to develop computer and video games based on Harry Potter, and many other fascinating details.

Complete the scavenger hunt and enter a draw to win a set of Harry Potter books.  Visit the displays in the two other campus locations:   Koerner Library and the Ridington Room in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

Explore the book displays to find books in the library where you can read more on the business related topics that are explored in Harry Potter—such as leadership, team building, and cooperation.  If you have themes to suggest, let us know.

Also check out the DVD which features a number of clips highlighting Harry Potter’s presence in Vancouver!

Later this month, we will be hosting a colloquium, Harry Potter, Brands of Magic, in which five speakers will discuss  Harry Potter’s impact on readership, literacy, fan engagement, children’s literature, bookselling and the publishing industry.


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