Canadian Census

The return of the mandatory Census questionnaire has generated excitement among Canadians. Although May 10, 2016 is the official  census day, it is not a strict deadline, according to Statistics Canada. Canadians are being asked to complete it as soon as they can in the following days. Many have yet to fill out their questionnaire.

So what exactly is the census and why is it important?

Statistics Canada conducts a census every 5 years. In Canada, it is mandatory for all residents to participate in the census. The census collects demographic information on every person living in Canada. Census information is important for planning public services. The 2016 Census Program release schedule outlines when each part of the census will be released. Information such as age, gender, marital status, and languages spoken is collected in the census questionnaire.

Data from previous censuses in Canada is publicly available online. For example, 2011 Census of Population data can be viewed on the Statistics Canada website. You can limit the data by province or data type.



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