Database spotlight: Vividata

Have you discovered that our library subscribes to Vividata (formerly “Print Measurement Bureau” or PMB)? This database includes information on Canadians’ usage of over 3500 products and services. Information includes their demographics, attitudes, media consumption, retail outlets, frequency of usage and (when sponsored) the brands they use.

This database has a newly redesigned interface. Once you connect to the database, click on Products and Demographics (the middle of the 3 buttons) to access basic demographics (age, income, education level, occupation, region, etc.) for Canadian consumers of specific types and brands of products and services, across more than 300 different categories.

You can also click on the Media, Lifestyle and Products button to obtain psychographic cluster, leisure activity, and media usage information for the consumers of many products and services. Note that lifestyles/attitudes data is not available at the brand level.

If you are looking for data on the readers of specific Canadian magazines and newspapers, click on the Readership and Demographics button.

NOTE: Be sure to clear the cookies in your browser (or switch browsers) between viewing the product, lifestyle, and readership reports or the database will keep reloading the same type of report.

To get an understanding of the range of products and services covered by the Vividata survey, check out their   list of the topics covered. I strongly encourage you to pause and scan the tips we’ve left for you, including a link to a guide on how to read the complicated Vividata reports. You can also take a look at How to use Print Measurement Bureau, a short video tutorial from the business librarian at McGill University.

Have we piqued your interest? If so, we recommend you get in touch with a business librarian. Be sure to drop in during our reference hours, Monday to Friday 1-4 at the David Lam Library.  We would love to illustrate the amazing benefits of using this database.

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