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UBC Library has acquired access to Statista database for a month starting from February 14, 2019.

Statista is a simple to use statistics portal that integrates statistics from thousands of sources, on topics related to business, media, public policy, health and others. Statistics can be exported in PPT, XLS, PDF, and PNG formats.

Access includes:
-Digital Market Outlook/Consumer Market Outlook (DMO/CMO) – Statista models and develops forecasts for the key digital and consumer markets for the Digital Market Outlook and the Consumer Market Outlook. Our analysts and experts create reports for each topic, which include all essential key figures for a seamless workflow. The reports provide a concise overview of trends, insights, and key players as well as global comparisons of the key markets in the US, China, and Europe. All reports and data undergo manual quality controls. The Statista Digital Market Outlook and the Statista Consumer Market Outlook are the main sources. Further detailed references are listed in the individual reports.
-Global Consumer Survey (GCS) – Offers a global perspective on consumption and media usage, covering the offline and online world of the consumer. It is designed to help marketers, planners, and product managers understand consumer behavior and consumer interactions with brands.

Examples of data available in Statista include:
• Asking rent per square foot of office space in Vancouver in the 4th quarter of 2018, by submarket (in Canadian dollars)
• Comparison of selected office markets in North America in 2017, by space assigned per person (in square meters)
• Leading airports worldwide in 2017, based on aircraft movements*
• Market outlook for FinTech
• Real estate prospects in Canada in 2019, by city
• Average salary of EMBA graduates from the leading business schools around the world in 2018 (in U.S. dollars)

You can access Statista here:

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