Talk to a Librarian

Visiting a librarian can help you save time, improve the quality of your research, and develop valuable skills that will serve you well throughout your academic career. 

Academic librarians have specialized knowledge in specific subject areas and we can provide: 

  • Research assistance: help you find relevant sources, identify key search terms, and recommend and navigate complex business databases. 
  • Citation management: guide you on how to properly cite sources in your work and recommend tools and software to manage your references. 
  • Information literacy: teach you how to critically evaluate information sources, identify biases, and distinguish between credible and unreliable sources.

Meet the Librarian Team

Christina Sylka, Head, David Lam Library and the Canaccord Learning Commons

Christina SylkaAs Head of the David Lam Library and Canaccord Learning Commons, my role is to manage the staff, services and collections of the learning commons and library. As part of the reference and instructional team, I also am available to help BComs with their questions around finding secondary research. 

Irena Trebic, Librarian

Irena TrebicAs a librarian, my role is to support UBC Sauder students with their research and to help them learn how to access and find business information. I am also responsible for purchasing materials for the library such as electronic and print books, journals, databases, etc. Students may also see me teaching information literacy in some of their classes as well as providing reference help. 

Kimberly Fama, Librarian

Kimberly FamaAs a librarian, my passion is helping give students access to every intelligent business information resource that the Library has to offer. I handle our digital databases, teach business research classes and you can find me on Instagram or Tiktok @businesslibrarian.