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What are they saying 105

“Thanks so much for the help ! This is very helpful!”
-Sauder Accounting Faculty, January 2023

What are they saying 104

“This is excellent and really helpful.  I was able to share some of the reports you found with colleagues in APSC and the VPRI yesterday, and they were very appreciative. You found some gold!”
-Sauder Marketing Faculty, June 2022

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“Thank you so much! You do a great job supporting our students. 😊”
-Sauder OBHR Faculty, February 2022

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“Awesome thanks. Truly appreciate the quick turn around on this” -Sauder OBHR Faculty, April 2021

What are they saying 101

“Librarians are the kindest and most helpful people on the planet” -FT MBA student, February 2020

What are they saying 100

“Thank you so much! Your explanation is very clear and your answers are perfect to me! ” -WRDS 150B student, January 2020  

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“Thank you for the wonderful Zoom session! It was very informative and extremely helpful in terms of elevating my research skills. ” -MBA student, September 2020

What are they saying 98

“Thank you so much for your email! It is super super helpful! BCC Research and Gartner are especially great, I found a lot of awesome reports on these two databases” -MBA student, April 2020

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“Thanks so much.This was a huge help. These Technavio reports are incredible!” -MBA student, February 2020

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“Wow fantastic! Thanks so much. Looking forward to reading through this list of articles you curated. Really appreciate your help..” -OBHR Faculty, December 17, 2019