Pink Shirt Day 2024 (Feb. 28)

The Pink Shirt Day campaign recognizes the importance of unity, inclusivity, and diversity of all people. For more information on the story of raising funds to support anti-bullying programs, see the official website.

The Pink Shirt Day is on February 28, 2024 this year and everyone is encouraged to wear a pink shirt to support practice of kindness and stand against bullying in all its forms. For those interested, UBC Bookstore is selling pink shirt designed by Native Northwest Artist Francis Horne, Sr., Coast Salish with some proceeds going to Native Northwest Reconciliation Fund.

David Lam Library has mini poster displays of relevant eBooks available inside the library, please check out posters and these three print books from the library:

Backstabbers and bullies : how to cope with the dark side of people at work by Adrian Furnham

The shield of silence : how power perpetuates a culture of harassment and bullying in the workplace by Lauren Stiller Rikleen

The asshole survival guide : how to deal with people who treat you like dirt by Robert I. Sutton

More resources on bullying and harassment at UBC is available here.