New Library Resources with PAEI Funding

UBC Library expands its digital offerings thanks to funding from the UBC President’s Academic Excellence Initiative (PAEI).

PAEI aimed to enhance UBC’s research faculty and provide crucial academic support and infrastructure investments, including vital additions to the library’s resources. In November 2022, UBC Library received $580k, split between campuses, to incorporate over 80 new resources into its collections as part of the PAEI’s 2022/23 budget.

This initiative enabled The David Lam Management Research Library to subscribe to PitchBook: A database that specializes in private market data, particularly in venture capital, private equity, and M&A transactions. It also provides some public sector coverage and serves as a source for Sustainalytics ESG ratings. Users leverage Pitchbook for tasks such as researching startups, creating company lists, conducting market research, and accessing analyst reports.

Other resources that might be of interest to you through PAEI funding are: