Autism Acceptance Week

Autism (also known as autism spectrum disorder or ASD) is a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition and encompasses a range of differences in social interaction, communication, interests, and behavior.

With proper support, individuals with autism can develop their skills and thrive. Awareness and acceptance are key steps in supporting those with autism on their unique journeys. We encourage everyone to deepen their understanding of the diverse experiences and characteristics of individuals on the autism spectrum to foster inclusivity and openness.

In honor of World Autism Acceptance Week in April, David Lam Library curated a display showcasing a variety of books and e-books authored by and about individuals on the autism spectrum and their diverse workplace experiences. Check out the books and e-books selected for the display:

Autism works: a guide to successful employment across the entire spectrum

Generation A: Research on autism in the workplace

The #ActuallyAutistic guide to advocacy

Employment of Persons with Autism: A Scoping Review

Autism in the Workplace

Neurodiversity at work

I overcame my autism and all I got was this lousy anxiety disorder: A memoir

Neurodiversity in the workplace: Interests, issues, and opportunities

The neurodivergent job candidate: Recruiting autistic professionals

The complete guide to becoming an autism friendly professional
Useful links and resources:

Autism Support Network

Lower Mainland Autism Resources

Autism: National autism strategy
Events to check out:

April AutismBC Events
ACT (Autism Community Training) Events